Onko Solutions has developed InstaPAP® a portable medical device for effective, reliable, fast and non-invasive screening for cervical cancer that unlike Pap smears, HPV tests, or biopsies, does not require laboratory analysis or a tissue sample.

Our device provides non-invasive screening with instantaneous results, eliminating costly, painful and unnecessary lab work.


The predominant method of screening for cervical cancer is the Papanicolaou test, during which a doctor swabs the cervical surface to collect cells that are then examined on a pathology laboratory by a licensed cytotechnologist using specialized equipment. If an abnormality is found, a cytopathologist verifies the interpretation. Not only is a Pap smear intrusive, expensive and lengthy -it may take up to three weeks to get the results- but it is also fallible. The rate of false negatives and false positives is disappointingly high, in some instances reaching nearly 60%.


We have developed a low-cost, portable,  minimally invasive solution that easily fits into a technician’s hand. Furthermore, our device allows the test to be administered by a nurse, medical technologist, or itinerant semi-skilled medical personnel producing instant results even on unusual conditions.

With a sensitivity greater than 85% this low-cost test that requires no lab work is a significant advance in women’s healthcare.


Our device combines multiple technologies leveraging Intelligent systems based on neural networks and support vector machines, including optical spectroscopy and electrical impedance. The latter is especially valuable because it provides several advantages over cytology including immediate results and the inclusion of artificial intelligence to improve the collection, dissemination and visualization of results during the screening of cancerous cells in-vivo. Our device combines a set of features offering a superior solution that is minimally intrusive, portable, and inexpensive, while providing immediate, high-quality results.

Our device examines different areas of cervical tissue, taking electrical measurements from same in different frequency ranges and optical measurements in three different wavelengths. Once the measurements have been obtained, they are processed by a configurable device or micro-controller in accordance with mathematical formulas obtained from multiple measurements taken from healthy and cancerous tissues. Three possible responses can be obtained from the processing of the measurements are healthy tissue or cancerous tissue.


● Our technology is safe and secure.

● Unlike current technologies, it provides immediate results.

● Its intelligent system is based on neural networks and support
vector machines.

● The screening is non-invasive.

● It does not requite a specialist to interpret the results.

● It combines optical spectroscopy and electrical impedance.

● It offers superior levels on sensitivity and specificity.


Electrical and optical spectroscopy are useful for early detection and diagnosis of cancer cells because the identification of various cell types is based on the response to an electrical stimulation and/or the intensity of light on said cells.

The response to this stimulus depends on the structure and components of the cells. For instance, biological tissues have a characteristic electrical impedance which is a function of the frequency at which it is stimulated.


- Biomedic equipment manufacturers

- Medical device suppliers


DISCLOSURE STATEMENT - This device has COFEPRIS apprival. Approval in the US pending.

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